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Sound for Moving Image

Immersive and emotive themes, blurring the boundaries of sound design and traditional composition

Cracks in the fourth wall


Music and sound that intertwines and slips between the diegetic and the non-diegetic... like falling in and out of dreams...

  • Kintyre Waves is based around a recording made on the West Coast of Scotland that gently morphs into a dark and mysterious melodic theme

  • Herne Jackdaws begins with melodic ideas but reveals, midway, the sounds of the birds from which all the musical elements have been sculpted. 

  • Passing begins and ends with the sounds of vehicles speeding from one place to another. This piece is a little more traditional and, unlike the previous two examples, includes sounds from sources other than just the original audio recordings.

Maya Deren's
Meshes of the Afternoon
A quick insight into the music creation process, equipment and space used for much of my work. 
This simple theremin device is fed into a scale quantising software plugin (similar to Auto-Tune) before further processing and integrating into the previously prepared backing track.

Save Room

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