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Sound Editing

Our late friend, Hugh, playing his flute at home whilst his partner, Lori, works on an artistic endeavour

This is the original audio recording, taken from the camera phone (rather than the condenser microphone). There are a number of knocks and clicks and the sound is a little boxy

This version has been through RX10. The bumps and clicks have been removed; the original ambience has been reduced; a small amount of compression applied and a degree of convolution reverb added to complete the impact.

RX10 original audio Hugh Flute.png

RX10 showing some of the unwanted noise e.g. the three bright blobs bottom left. 

RX10 cleaned audio Hugh Flute.png

Here we can see that much of the noise has been removed and some of the tools that have been used.

I have a detailed and thorough approach to sound editing, using Izotope RX10 Advanced and Logic Pro for most of my work.

Izotope RX is the industry standard for audio repair. This sophisticated software uses a variety of selection tools to tame, replace, or completely remove any unwanted noise. It boasts very powerful features including dialogue isolation, seamless ambience matching and specific algorithms for the removal of wind noise, background reverberation, mouth clicks, rustling noises and a range of other unwanted artefacts. 

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